At Bethesda Inc., we are grateful for our Board members and community volunteers who generously share their time, talents and expertise on our standing committees.

Executive Committee

Guides the work of the Board and may act on behalf of the Board between meetings.

  • J. Mark Holcomb, Chair
  • Kathy Kelly, Vice-Chair
  • Ellen Katz, Secretary
  • William A. Tsacalis, Treasurer
  • Phillip R. Cox
  • Jill Miller
  • Yvonne Washington

Finance & Audit Committee

Oversees the financial condition and external audit of Bethesda Inc. and makes financial recommendations to the Board.

  • William A. Tsacalis, Committee Chair
  • Jonathan Niemeyer, Vice-Chair
  • Alan Altman, MD
  • Greg D. Carmichael
  • Rance G. Duke
  • J. Mark Holcomb
  • Jill Miller
  • J. James Pearce, Jr.
  • Chad Reardon

Governance Committee

Monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of the Board and nominates Board appointees.

  • Kathy Kelly, Committee Chair  
  • Daniel Molina, Vice-Chair
  • Stuart Donovan, MD
  • J. Mark Holcomb
  • Edmund W. Jones, MD
  • Jill Miller
  • Myrtis H. Powell
  • Yvonne Washington

Grants Committee

Identifies, evaluates and endorses transformational healthcare grants that will benefit Bethesda Hospital, TriHealth and/or the Greater Cincinnati community. 

  • Yvonne Washington, Committee Chair
  • Dallas Auvil, M.D.
  • Robert Collins, M.D.
  • Craig A. Eisentrout, M.D.
  • William R. Graf
  • Karen Hagerty
  • J. Mark Holcomb
  • Ellen Katz
  • Lisa Knutson
  • Jill Miller
  • J. James Pearce
  • Lorraine Stephens, M.D.
  • Andrew Swallow
  • Melissa Thomasson, Ph.D.

Investment Committee

Provides strategic oversight of the Investment Portfolio and ensures proper implementation of the approved Investment Policy.

  • Phillip R. Cox, Committee Chair  
  • Rance G. Duke, Vice-Chair
  • Mary Ann Griffin
  • Scott Henderson
  • James E. Hodge
  • J. Mark Holcomb
  • Jill Miller
  • Mary O’Toole
  • Melissa Thomasson, Ph.D
  • William A. Tsacalis