Community Report

At Bethesda Inc., we envision a day when Greater Cincinnati is the most desirable place to receive and deliver health care. We’re doing our part to build momentum toward this goal by leveraging our unique position as co-sponsor of TriHealth and major funder of health care transformations through our bi3 grantmaking initiative to challenge community leaders to think differently.


2016 Community Report Cover
Learn more in our 2016 Community Report.

We believe it is worth the risk to invest in forward-looking approaches to health and health care. While much work remains, the range of new ideas and partnerships to solve health challenges is growing. Our aim to help transform the health of our community by investing in new ideas with the ability to jump-start and scale health innovation and improve community health.

Here are a few of their voices.

The signs of momentum

"I see momentum in community-wide collaboration – especially through the work of The Health Collaborative. The Health Collaborative convenes key community stakeholders – including health systems, insurance providers, physicians, employers and patients – to spur innovation, positive change and shared investments to achieve the Triple Aim: improved care, improved health and lower costs. TriHealth’s involvement in The Health Collaborative aligns perfectly with our 20-year mission to evolve as a clinically integrated delivery system designed, equipped and experienced to take on responsibility for improving the health of our community through patient populations."

Mark Clement | President and CEO | TriHealth

"Leveraging Greater Cincinnati’s assets – both in health care and consumer insight – to create viable businesses is the perfect play for our region. Establishing Spry Labs is a signi­ficant milestone toward making Cincinnati the premier destination for startups and patient-centered care in the Midwest."

Wendy Lea | CEO | Cintrifuse

Challenges to evolving more quickly

"As the demographics of our region change, in terms of age, gender and ethnicity, we will need to overcome the lack of diversity among providers and health system leadership. We will be slower in improving health outcomes and meeting the needs of vulnerable populations if we limit the voices and experiences from a broader spectrum of professionals and consumers. Achieving and sustaining the goals of the Triple Aim will require equity and recognizing where we have fallen short and face those challenges in order to achieve a healthier region."

Judith Warren | CEO | Health Care Access Now

"While Cincinnati is at the leading edge of electronic communication of clinical information, there is still a lack of willingness to share data/information across all patient care episodes. Some health systems share no information with the rest of the health care community, some still use fax and mail to communicate; in short, interoperability is still an issue.

Robyn F. Chatman, MD | Principal Consultant/Physician Informatics | Accenture/Sagacious

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