Bethesda Fertility Center


Managed by Bethesda Inc. and founded in 1987 as Cincinnati's first fertility center, the Bethesda Fertility Center continues to lead the Tristate in new technologies and IVF success rates that consistently surpass national averages. Board certified physicians and a sophisticated Reproductive Studies Lab combine to offer one of the region's most recognized teams of compassionate, infertility experts.

Bethesda Fertility Center is leading the region in helping people with cancer preserve their opportunity to become parents. Chemotherapy, radiation and even some cancer surgeries can reduce fertility in men and women. The degree of potential infertility depends on such factors as the patient's age, type of cancer, chemotherapy drugs and doses used, and the location and dose of radiation. The toxicity of treatment can have a negative effect on a woman's ovaries and eggs. "If a cancer patient is planning to have her ovaries removed, it is important for her to know that fertility preservation is an option," says Dr. Kasey Reynolds at the Bethesda Fertility Center in Montgomery.