2015 Grants Cycle Update


The past month has been exciting for Bethesda Inc. We have completed the first steps in our 2015 grants cycle, which included hosting our first annual Ideas Expo. I’m pleased to share progress and announce our finalists!


Following a careful and considered review of more than 20 grant applications, Bethesda Inc. invited eight applicants to present their proposals in front of a live audience, including Bethesda Inc. Board and Grants Committee members and TriHealth leaders. The fastpaced forum gave each team five minutes to bring their ideas to life, followed by Q&A. Each team also had the opportunity to receive presentation coaching to hone their ideas and elevate key points regarding how their work met grant criteria. Applicants found the Ideas Expo a valuable step:

 “We appreciated the opportunity to present and articulate our proposal. Bethesda Inc. is different from other funders who just send a letter in response to a request.”

“I loved the Ideas Expo! Getting hype around projects is big and getting people excited about these endeavors is a great way to get others involved.”

 One applicant noted the event also led to added exposure for proposals and networking opportunities. We want to thank everyone involved, particularly the applicants, for such a successful first Ideas Expo. 


Following the Ideas Expo and an additional, detailed review, Bethesda Inc. selected four applicants to submit a full proposal for consideration.

They are:

Health Care Access Now (HCAN) – For a planning grant to redesign care for highrisk adult patients and increase patient engagement in their own care. In addition, the project proposes a new way of training medical students given the shortage of primary care physicians.

The Health Collaborative – For a planning grant to align measures around and develop a regional Triple Aim Dashboard that can be rolled out to other local and regional

health systems.

TriHealth Fall Prevention Program – For a proposed project to extend the TriHealth fall prevention initiative to Medicare eligible patients, referred by physicians, senior services, and rehabilitation units. Falls are the leading cause of death, hospitalizations and emergency room visits in Hamilton County and are high cost to both patients and hospitals.

Hatton Research Institute – For a proposed project with the potential to usher in a new era of medicine by using predictive analytics to aid in the decisionmakingat the point of care. The goal is to improve quality of care and patient satisfaction at a lower cost. 

Congratulations to all of the finalists, who we believe have each presented a transformational project that has the potential to lead to breakthrough change in healthcare in GreaterCincinnati and beyond. Final proposals are due March 31 and final awards will be announced by July 1.As we enter the final stages of our grant review, we remain committed to collaborating with our current grantees and others in the community to improve the health and well being of all who call this region home.


Jill Miller

Executive Director