Bethesda Inc. Awards $300,000 to Fuel Transformation in Health Care Delivery

Grants will enable Center for Addiction Treatment and Cintrifuse to advance groundbreaking health care approaches.

Cincinnati, March 11, 2016 – Bethesda Inc., a major funder of health care transformation and co-sponsor of TriHealth, today said it has awarded $150,000 grants each to the Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT) and to Cintrifuse to develop innovative programs that could lead to breakthrough change in health care delivery.

"As a venture grant maker, we’re dedicated to fostering new thinking that leads to better care, better health and at a lower cost for our community," said Jill Miller, executive director of Bethesda Inc. "Projects like those proposed by the Center for Addiction Treatment and Cintrifuse embody this thinking."

Training Primary Doctors to Treat Addiction

 The $150,000 grant from Bethesda Inc. will enable CAT to develop a medical training and staffing model for a new primary health clinic that will treat patients suffering from addiction and its many related health disorders. 

"Patients struggling with addiction often have very complex health care needs," said Sandra Kuehn, president and CEO of Center for Addiction Treatment. "We are developing a best practice model to prepare primary care providers to identify and treat the chronic and often multiple conditions we see in these patients."

"We’ve seen heroin and opioid addiction become an epidemic in our community," said Miller. "Bethesda Inc. believes fueling this project will equip primary care physicians to better treat patients battling addiction and in turn support the community in the fight against this growing epidemic." 

Fostering Digital Health Innovation

 A $150,000 Bethesda Inc. grant will help Cintrifuse establish Opa!Labs, a health care venture studio dedicated to attracting the best consumer health innovators to Greater Cincinnati in order to incubate, nurture and commercialize ideas.

"Opa!Labs has the potential to differentiate Cincinnati as a hub for consumer digital health innovation," said Wendy Lea, chief executive officer at Cintrifuse. "By focusing attention on the future of health care, we can move great ideas forward that could enhance the landscape for generations to come."

About Bethesda Inc.

Bethesda Inc. is a major funder of health care transformation and a co-sponsor of TriHealth. Bethesda Inc. also oversees the Bethesda Fertility Center and The Bethesda Foundation Inc., which provides support for Bethesda North Hospital, Bethesda Butler County Hospital, Hospice of Cincinnati and Fernside. For more information, visit