Bethesda Inc. Awards Grant to Every Child Succeeds to Fund New Pilot Program

$85,000 Grant will develop and evaluate program to improve health of at-risk moms and their babies.

Every Child SucceedsCincinnati, OH, April 17, 2017 – Bethesda Inc., a major funder of health care transformation and co-sponsor of TriHealth, today announced it has awarded Every Child Succeeds an $85,000 grant over two years.

The grant will enable Every Child Succeeds to design, evaluate and publish the results of a pilot program that pairs home health visitors with community health workers to improve the health and well-being of at-risk moms and their babies.

Every Child Succeeds is a partner organization in StartStrong – a Bethesda Inc.-funded initiative that has shown progress in reducing infant prematurity in the Cincinnati community of Avondale.

Grant will Better Define Health Worker Roles
“Through StartStrong, we recognized the need to better define the roles of community health workers and home visitors so families can be best served and community resources used wisely,” said Judith VanGinkel, President of Every Child Succeeds. “This grant will allow us to create and test an effective plan to include Every Child Succeeds home visitors and Medicaid-funded community health workers as part of a network of services for at-risk families.”

“We hope the learning from this pilot will help the community understand the value and difference between home visitors and community health providers, and provide insight into the benefits of a team approach,” said Bethesda Inc. President Jill Miller. “We believe this will lead to moms seeking prenatal care sooner, more successful referrals and follow-up with community resources, and improved health outcomes for moms and babies.”

Along with collecting significant data, the grant enables Every Child Succeeds to complete a detailed analysis and to produce a manual to help other communities and policy makers address the benefits of pairing home visitation and community health workers. “Integrating community health workers into existing home visiting practices is novel and holds promise for creating synergies and greater efficiency in service delivery and fostering new social networks,” VanGinkel said.

About Bethesda Inc.
Bethesda Inc. is a co-sponsor of TriHealth’s and major funder of health care transformation. Bethesda Inc. is a non-profit support organization that oversees the Bethesda Fertility Center and Bethesda Foundation, which provides philanthropic support for Bethesda hospitals, Hospice of Cincinnati and Fernside. For more information, visit

About Every Child Succeeds
Every Child Succeeds has a 17-year history of providing high quality home visiting and engaging in nationally recognized research. The program has made nearly 600,000 home health visits, collecting data on each of those visits and providing services to 48,000 people making up 24,000 high-risk families. Learn more at